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Can EPAMDs travel on public roadways?
YES. Colorado Revised Statute 42-4-117 gives EPAMD operators the same rights and duties as an operator of any other vehicle under this article. Unless prohibited under section 42-4-111(1)(cc), an EPAMD may be operated on a roadway in conformity with vehicle use. An EPAMD shall not be operated on a limited-access highway, on a bike or pedestrian path, or at a speed of greater than 12.5 miles per hour.

Colorado Revised Statute 42-4-221(1) et seq. addresses the various equipment requirements for EPAMDs to travel on public roadways.

Police - Electrical Personal Assistive Mobility Device

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1. Can EPAMDs travel on public roadways?
2. Can EPAMDs and unclassified vehicles travel on sidewalks, parks, or recreational areas?