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What are the eligibility requirements for the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program?
In order to qualify for CCCAP, you must meet basic income eligibility requirements and you must be participating in a qualifying activity. A qualifying activity includes working or looking for employment (up to 30 days per year). Child care assistance will only be provided for the actual hours worked. Income eligibility is based on gross income including unearned income such as child support. All Broomfield CCCAP single heads of household applicants are required to apply for child support and pay a one time $20 child support application fee, if applicable.

To qualify for CCCAP in Broomfield, your family income must fall within 185% of the federal poverty level. Contact the CCCAP technician at 720.887.2275 to learn more about the eligibility requirements. The technician will conduct a brief telephone interview to determine income eligibility and schedule an appointment for a full intake interview.

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