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What types of matters are handled at the various Court levels?
Municipal Court

  • Traffic matters

  • Ordinance violations, including animal and code violations

  • Colorado point system

county Court

  • Misdemeanors and petty offenses (including DUI's)

  • Bail determinations

  • Preliminary hearings for felony cases

  • Civil cases under $15,000

  • Restraining orders/protection orders

  • Some traffic offenses

  • Domestic violence cases

  • Small claims court cases - parties appear before the magistrate

  • Controversies under $7,500

District Court

  • Civil cases over $15,000

  • Felony criminal matters

  • Domestic relations - dissolution of marriage, child custody, child support, etc

  • Probate

  • Mental health

  • Matters affecting boundaries or title to real property

  • Proceedings for issuance of injunctions

  • Juvenile matters: child welfare / abuse, dependency, truancy and adoptions

Court Services

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3. What types of matters are handled at the various Court levels?
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