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Funding Your Campaign
Colorado law requires that all candidates disclose how their campaigns are funded and shall be made public record.  Contributions include money, a loan or anything of value (non-monetary or in-kind donations) used for the purpose of promoting the candidate's nomination.  Expenditures may include purchases such as campaign signs or mailings to voters.

Candidates must decide how they will fund their campaign as early as possible.  If you plan on receiving contributions, you must file a committee registration form prior to accepting a contribution or making expenditure.

How campaigns are funded:
  • No Contributions or Expenditures
    • Some campaigns neither receive contributions nor make expenditures.  Such candidates file the Candidate State of Non-Receipt of Contributions and Non-Expenditure of Funds form.
  • Personal Expenditures Only
    • Some candidates do not receive any contributions, and spend only their own money to promote their candidacy.  Such candidates will file the Statement of Personal Expenditures by a Candidate form.
  • Receiving and Spending
    • Some candidates receive contributions (money, loans or donated goods and services).  Prior to receiving a contribution, candidates must file a New Committee Registration form.  Once they have established a candidate committee, they will file several Reports of Contributions and Expenditures throughout the election cycle according the filing calendar.  After the election, candidates may establish a zero balance and terminate their committee.  Annual filings are required of every committee until they terminate, whether the candidate was elected to office.