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Nominating Petitions
Candidates for municipal office shall be nominated by petition on forms supplied by the City and County Clerk's office.  Municipal candidates are nominted without regard to political affiliation.  Nomination petitions may be circulated and signed beginning on the ninety-first (91st) day before the election (August 6, 2013), and ending on the seventy-first (71st) day before the election(August 26, 2013).  

  • Each nomination petition shall be filed with the Elections Division no later than 5 p.m., Monday, August 26, 2013.

The petition shall have endorsed thereon (or appended thereto) the written affidavit of the candidate accepting the nomination and swearing that the candidate satisfies the requirements to be a candidate and hold office in the City and County of Broomfield.  [1-4-805 C.R.S.]

The acceptance of nomination shall also contain the place of residence of the candidate and the name of the candidate in the form that the candidate wishes it to appear on the ballot.  The candidate's name may be nickname or include a nickname, but shall not contain any title or degree designating the business or profession of the candidate.

The nominating petitions for each councilmember candidate shall be signed by not less than twenty-five (25) registered electors from the ward which the candicate will represent.  Mayoral candidate petitions shall be signed by not less than twenty-five (25) registered electors residing within the city.  [31-10-302(2) C.R.S.]  

An elector may sign a nomination petition for one candidate for the office to be filed in the ward and also one petition for the office of Mayor which is filled at large.  No elector shall sign more than one nomination petition for each separate office to be filled in the ward. [31-10-302(5) C.R.S.]

Signatures without a residence address cannot be counted.

  • It is advisable to obtain more than twenty-five (25) signatures to ensure the petition is sufficient, as there may be signatures which do not meet the above criteria and cannot be counted.  It is recommended that you check each signature verifying that the electors have printed their name below the signature, since some signatures are difficult to read.