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Rabies is a preventable viral disease of mammals most often transmitted through the bite of a aggressive animal. This virus affects the nervous system of mammals, causing a fatal inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. Infected mammals carrying the virus transmit rabies through their saliva by biting an animal or human. Less commonly, rabies can be transmitted through open cuts, eyes, nose or mouth when in contact with an infected animal.
Signs of Rabies

Protect Yourself, Your Pet, and Your Community


Vaccinate your pets through your local veterinarian, humane society, or animal shelter.

Educate family, friends and neighbors to not allow their animals to roam freely. Teach children to enjoy wild animals from a distance. Never feed or handle wildlife even if they appear friendly

Take additional precautions when camping, hunting or fishing. Avoid sleeping on the ground without the protection of a closed tent or camper. Keep your pets on a leash and do not let them wander

Report stray animals or if your pet is bitten to the Broomfield Animal Control. If you are bitten, wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water and call your physician immediately.

Healthy Pet Resources

Broomfield Public Health and Environment, Health Protection 720.887.2220   Broomfield Animal Control 
Broomfield Open Space
Wildlife Masters Volunteer Program
ID and License
FREE Broomfield Rabies tag
General Information, COHELP  877.462.2911      

Contact your local veterinarians for wellness care and rabies vaccination.