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Library Trainings

We have all kinds of great opportunities for parents and caregivers at MDE in 2015! Click here for a flyer that lists them all or take a look below for some highlights:

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Confident Parenting: Speaker Series
For parents,caregivers and adults who work with children
Presented by BIPR - Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy and Research

Once a month on Wednesdays, 7 - 8:30 p.m.
Each program offers information for the first hour, followed by a 30-minute question and answer period. No registration, no charge.

April 29 - Helping Your Child Conquer Fears and Anxieties
Most children go through stages where they are more fearful or anxious.  Some children are more impacted by their worries to the extent that it interferes with their ability to have fun, learn, sleep, or function in their family, school, or other social settings.  This presentation will address normal and more severe fears and anxieties and help parents understand brain functions that produce these strong emotions.  We will then help parents develop a tool kit to help their children and understand when they need to get outside help.  

Upcoming workshops:
May 27 - Raising a Child Who Makes Good Choices: How Parents Can Promote Executive Functioning in Their Child.

Click here for a flyer with additional information about all of the classes.

Confident Parenting: Preventing Challenging Behaviors  pyramid_SM.gif
6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Adults Only, Registration Required @ 720-887-2315.

You must register for each individual workshop separately. Registrations begin on the first of the month for that month’s workshop. Held in the Children's Library Story Room.

This five part workshop, once-a-month, series focuses on research-based strategies and practices which help parents to understand and prevent challenging behavior.  Each workshop focuses on a tier of the Pyramid Plus Social/Emotional Model.  Parenting toddlers and preschoolers can be exhausting and overwhelming. It can also be filled with joy and true connection.  In these workshops,  parents will begin to see themselves as their child's first and most influential teachers while understanding what their child needs to be successful and happy.  To fully understand the process of preventing challenging behaviors, attending all five workshops will be the most beneficial for your family. Click here for the winter/spring 2015 brochure.
Thursday, May 21 - Making a Behavior Plan
It is very challenging to view a behavior differently when you see it every day and you are emotionally invested.  This class will break down common behaviors so we can take a step back and see what needs to be done to start eliminating the challenging behavior.  Having a plan will build your confidence and help you stay calm when the behavior occurs because you know how you need to react.  This class will give you the skills needed to create your own behavior plan for a plan for a variety of challenging behaviors.  
Registration begins May 1.

Gale Courses
Gale Courses is a library database consisting of more than 2,100 colleges, universities, and other organizations.  Hundreds of engaging online courses are offered, covering a variety of topics.  Choose the "Personal Development" link and you will find some great opportunities for learning under the "Children, Parents, Family" tab. Whether you're working on educational goals or in search of knowledge about a particular state of child development, Gale Courses is designed to give both teachers and parents more insight into children's growth.