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Maps and Statistics
Broomfield Trails Map

March 2015:
The Broomfield Trails Map is currently being updated. The revised version should be available very soon. If you'd like to be one of the first to receive the new map, email Open Space your name and mailing address.

The current map is also available for viewing online. It is in a PDF format that allows for zooming in for a closer look at various areas of the map.


Map Showing Human-Coyote Encounters in Broomfield

Broomfield residents have experienced coyote encounters. You can view a map of incidents reported year-to-date August 2013 and one showing all incidents 2009 through August 2013.


The Broomfield Comprehensive Plan has the ambitious goal of preserving 40%, or 9,617 acres, of the community as open lands. Open lands refers to both open space and park lands. At this time, Broomfield has a total of 7,886 acres of open lands, which totals 32.8% of the community. The strategy is to meet the balance of 7.2% through purchase of land, joint acquisitions with other communities, the public land dedication, and other innovative funding efforts. The current breakdown of open lands and trails, as of January 2015, is shown below.

Open Lands
Type Acres
City-Owned Open Space 2,418
Conservation Easement 371
Boulder / Broomfield IGA Joint Open Space 2,421
Public Park and Recreation 716
Golf Course 665
School Parks 180
Private Park and Recreation 287
Other Public Open Lands 641
Other Private Open Lands 176
Private Open Space 11
Total 7,886
Type Miles
Multi-Use Paths 81
Detached 8-Foot Sidewalks 90
Soft-Surface Trails 24
On-Street Bike Lanes 70
Total 265