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Paul Derda Recreation Center Early Learning
PDRC Early Little Learners 2014-2015
This class offers preschoolers the opportunity to develop socially, intellectually and physically. It is a “Beginning” to the preschool world. Children must be toilet-trained and not in diapers or pull-ups to be eligible for this class. Age: 2 ½ - 3 years (Children need to be 2½ years of age by September 30, 2014 to enroll!) View the current class listing.

Code          R/NR Fee         Day           Time                                       Date

61244    $200/$230     TTh        11:30 am–12:30 pm        Sep 2–Dec 11

61245    $253/$291     TTh        11:30 am–12:30 pm        Jan 6–May 14

PDRC Little Learners Plus 2014-2015
This class is an extended class for preschool children. The structured theme curriculum places emphasis on large motor, small motor, cognitive, science and math life skills. “Zoo Phonics” will also be introduced to learn letters and sounds. Children must be toilet-trained and not in diapers or pull-ups to be eligible for this class. Age: 3 years by September 30, 2014 to enroll! View the current class listing.

Code           R/NR Fee             Day            Time               Date

61250     $353/$406        TTh         9–11 am      Sep 2–Dec 11

61251       $447/$514          TTh            9–11 am         Jan 6–May 14

61252       $353/$406          TTh            1–3 pm           Sep 2–Dec 11

61253       $447/$514          TTh            1–3 pm           Jan 6–May 14

61254       $515/$592         MWF          1–3 pm            Sep 3–Dec 12

61255       $716/$824         MWF          1–3 pm            Jan 5–May 15

PDRC Early Explorers Plus 2014-2015 - Preschool Class
This class focuses on preparing your youngster for kindergarten. Various activities are used to help your child gain a general understanding of themed topics as well as letters through “Zoo Phonics.” Your child is exposed to structured classroom situations as well as unstructured time. This is a “Pre-K” course. Age: 4 years by September 30, 2014 to enroll! View the current class listing.

Code        R/NR Fee       Day       Time                  Date

61264       $461/$530       TTh        9–11:30 am         Sep 2–Dec 11

61265       $583/$670       TTh        9–11:30 am         Jan 6–May 14

61266       $461/$530       TTh        12:30–3 pm         Sep 2–Dec 11

61267       $583/$670       TTh        12:30–3 pm         Jan 6–May 14

61268       $673/$774       MWF       9–11:30 am       Sep 3–Dec 12 South

61269       $935/$1075     MWF       9–11:30 am       Jan 5–May 15 South

61270       $673/$774       MWF       9–11:30 am       Sep 3–Dec 12 North

61271       $935/$1075     MWF       9–11:30 am       Jan 5–May 15 North

Journey to Kindergarten Class 2014-2015
This class focuses on the little one who missed the kindergarten cut off. This is a high-quality preschool class that offers language, math, social studies, science and social skills. This Pre-K course is for little ones who have attended a preschool class prior. Age: 5 years by January 2015 to enroll! View the current class listing.

Code        R/NR Fee       Day        Time               Date
61274       $718/$825       MWF      12:30–3 pm      Sep 3–Dec 12

61275       $998/$1148     MWF     12:30–3 pm      Jan 5–May 15

Lunch Brigade
Lunch Brigade is an extended day Early Learning program that is designed to give children a chance to eat lunch with friends and help children expand their creativity, large motor and social skills. Each session will start with lunch and finish with an exciting activity which might include a cooking project, time in the gymnastics center, art activities, science, math, and other physical activities. This program is guaranteed by the number of children in attendance.
All students currently enrolled in Early Explorers Plus (Pre-K), and Journey to Kindergarten preschool classes at the Paul Derda Recreation Center and the Broomfield Community Center are eligible to participate in Lunch Brigade. This program is not offered to students who are not enrolled in our program. The fee is $10 per day (monthly sign-up in class). The class is Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Day      Time                       Location        Fee
M-F       11:30 am–1 pm         PDRC            $10/day monthly sign-up required

Expedition into Phonics 2013-2014
This one-hour class will take the Early Explorer deeper into the world of phonics! Children will explore letter sounds with “zoo phonics” activities by using visual, auditory and large motor skills to practice letters, sounds and word formation. These tools will guide the child on the pathway to reading success. This is a good review for kindergarten. Available for Pre-K and Kindergarten ages only. The class is for ages 4 to 5 years. View the current class listing.

Code        R/NR Fee         Day         Time              Date
61258       $112/$134          TTh          10–11 am        Oct 7–Nov 20

Early Learning Summer Camps!
June and July only. Summer classes are not set up for payment plans.

Cancellations during summer are charged a $10 cancellation fee. NO EXCEPTIONS!
All Summer Camp classes are located at PDRC.

Little Learners Plus Summer Camp
This class is an extended class for preschool children. The “fun” summer themes place emphasis on playing and having fun with friends. Games, crafts, science projects, math, and outside fun will be included! Children must be toilet-trained and not in diapers or pull-ups to be eligible for this class.  Age: 3 years by June 1, 2014 to enroll.
Code              R/NR Fee              Day             Time                         Date
61282              $104/$128             TTh             9–11 a.m.                 June 3–26
61283              $104/$128             TTh             9–11 a.m.                 July 8–31

Early Explorers Plus Summer Camp
This class offers various activities that are fun for Pre-K children or children that have not attended Kindergarten. Each week will be a new adventure! Children will focus on the theme of the week through playing games, science projects, math, arts and crafts, and outside activities. Make sure to wear your sunscreen!
 Age: 4–5 years by June 1, 2014 to enroll
Code              R/NR Fee              Day           Time                      Date
61284             $209/$233             MWF         9–11:30 a.m.         June 4–30
61285             $209/$233             MWF         9–11:30 a.m.         July 7–30

Kim Evelsizer

Ph: 303.460.6911

Paul Derda Recreation Center (PDRC)
13201 Lowell Blvd.
Broomfield, CO 80020

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