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Property Tax Exemption Forms and Information
When the state of Colorado's budget allows, 50 percent of the first $200,000 of actual value of a qualified applicant's primary residence is exempted. Unless the General Assembly makes further changes to statute, the Senior Citizen Property Tax Exemption is scheduled to return for tax year 2012, payable in 2013.

Regardless of whether the exemption is funded, your county assessor will continue to process new applications. The funding of the Senior Citizen Property Tax Exemption does not affect the Disabled Veteran Exemption. The Broomfield Assessor will continue to process new applications for the Senior Homestead Exemption and those who qualify for the first time in 2014 are encouraged to apply. The application deadline for 2014 is July 15.

What is the reduction? In both cases the exemption reduces the actual value of your residential property by 50% up to a maximum of $100,000. For example, if your home was valued at $200,000, the exemption would reduce the taxable value to $100,000.

Do I qualify?  Eligibility for the Senior Homestead Exemption


  • The qualifying senior must be at least 65 years of age as of January 1 of the year of application.
  • The qualifying senior must occupy the property as his or her primary residence, and be the owner of record and must have done so for at least ten consecutive years prior to January 1 of the tax year. Limited exceptions to the ownership and occupancy requirements are detailed in the qualifications section of the application.
To apply complete an application and turn it in to the Assessor Department by July 15. Applications may be printed from this page or contact the Community Assistance Center at 303.464.5819. 

Brochure   (Information for the Senior Homestead Exemption and the Disabled Veteran Exemption)

Short Form(Standard Application for Individual and Joint Ownership)
Short Form Instructions

Long Form (Ownership exceptions; see long form instructions)
Long Form Instructions

Eligibility for the Disabled Veterans Exemption

The exemption is available to applicants who:
    -    sustained a service-connected disability while serving on active duty in the Armed Forces.
    -    were honorably discharged, and
    -    were rated by the Department of Veterans Affairs at 100% "permanent and total" disabled, and
    -    owned and occupied the home as his or her primary residence since January 1 of the year of application.

To apply, print the application here:
Disabled Veteran Exemption Instructions

Disabled Veteran Exemption Application
or an application may be obtained at the Division of Veterans Affairs at the following address:

Colorado Department of Veterans Affairs
Division of Veterans Affairs
1355 S Colorado Blvd.
Building C, Suite #113
Denver, CO  80222

Phone: (303) 284-6077   Fax: (303) 284-3163 

 Website: http://vets.dmva.state.co.us:8000/