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 Where to Call

Have a question for Open Space and Trails staff?
(Topics such as open space master plans, trail projects, the Prairie Dog Policy, the Coexistence with Wildlife Policy, or the Open Space and Trails Advisory Committee)

303.438.6335 or
303.438.6216 or
email Open Space
An open space or trail needs maintenance
(Parks Division of Public Works)

 Inappropriate use of trails or open space (This would include animals running at large or a motor vehicle being driven on open space.)

(Police Dispatch)

 Questions about coyotes
Depending on the situation, there is a variety of resources. View a more detailed explanation.

Have a home construction project that requires that you access across open space or park land?
(Field Services Division of Public Works)
Please call to obtain information about the review process and obtain the required permit.
 Have a concern about wildlife? 303.464.5554
(Wildlife Masters Volunteer Program)
(Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

Nature programs for children 
(Recreation Services)
2017 events
For more information on:
 Water sources and ditches 303.464.5600
 How to Adopt-a-Street, Park, or Open Space 303.438.6334

Park or shelter rentals
(Recorded message - leave your information and someone will get back to you.)
Environmental concerns 303.438.6363