Low-Speed Electric Vehicles

Colorado Revised Statute 42-1-102(48.5) states:

Low Speed Electric Vehicle"Low-speed electric vehicle" means a vehicle that is self-propelled utilizing electricity as its primary propulsion method; has at least three wheels in contact with the ground; does not use handlebars to steer; and exhibits the manufacturer's compliance with 49CFR 565 or displays a 17-character vehicle identification number.

This classification includes all three- and four-wheeled vehicles, and are equipped with the mandatory safety equipment necessary for vehicles to travel on public roadways. Both Colorado Revised statute 42-4-201 et seq. and Model Traffic Code Part 2 address the various equipment requirements for motor vehicles permitted to travel on public roadways.

Summary of laws regarding the use of low-speed electric vehicles in Broomfield:

  • Low-speed electric vehicles MAY be driven on public roadways with speed limits equal to or less than 35 mph.
  • MAY NOT be operated on a limited access highway; however, they may be driven across a roadway that has a speed limit greater than 35 mph so long as they are crossing over to another roadway with a speed limit equal to or less than 35 mph.
  • Operators must have a valid driver's license.
  • Low-speed electric vehicles operated on public roadways must have a valid registration and are required to have insurance.
  • Low-speed electric vehicle drivers and passengers are not required to wear eye protection; however, the vehicle is required to have a front windshield.
  • Low-speed electric vehicle operators must obey all laws applicable to other motor vehicles.
  • Low-speed electric vehicles MAY NOT be ridden on sidewalks, bike trails, parks, fields, or any other areas commonly used by pedestrians and bicycles.
For more information on Broomfield Municipal Ordinance, please visit Title 10, Chapter 16 of the Broomfield Municipal Code.