Property and Evidence

Gathering and maintaining property and evidence is essential to law enforcement. In Broomfield, two property/evidence technicians, overseen by a sergeant, ensure that specific standards and directives are met when handling and disposing of property in a timely manner.
Property Evidence - 2014
When the Department comes in custody or possession of property or evidence in the performance of their duties, it is barcoded and properly stored in the restricted access Property and Evidence Room. Bar coding all property ensures it is tracked, audited, and maintained for as long as necessary. At the end of that time, the property is either returned to its owner or disposed.

Unclaimed Property Notice (Lost/Stolen/Abandoned)

Notice is hereby given that the property listed below is being held by the Broomfield Police Department.  If you believe that any of this property belongs to you, you must claim it within 60 days of the date it was posted.  All property remaining unclaimed after 60 days shall become property of the City and County of Broomfield and will be disposed of in accordance with Section 8-24-100 of the Broomfield Municipal Code.  For inquiries, please call the Broomfield Police Department's Property and Evidence Unit at 303.438.6444.

Case # Description Location Recovered Date Published
18-29796 Bicycle Arlington Ave/Forest View St 5/30/18
18-30196 Two Backpacks 3rd/Nickel St 5/30/18
18-31060  Purse Garden Center 5/30/18
18-33363 Bicycle Arlington Ave/Forest View St 5/30/18
18-34186 Bicycle 4200 Hawthorne 6/1/18
18-36035 Bicycle Garden Center 6/12/18
18-36087 Firearm 120th & Sheridan 6/12/18
18-38036 Keys 136th Ave & Main St 6/18/18
18-38506 Large Black Duffle Bag w/ Personal Items 4500 Blk Lexi Cir 6/21/18
18-38630 Bicycle 1600 Blk W Midway Blvd 6/21/18
18-41086 Socket Set Industrial Lane 7/9/18
18-40592 Sunglasses Uptown Ave 7/9/18
18-42035 Bicycle 13200 Block Lowell Blvd 7/9/18
18-44842 Bicycle 287 & Miramonte 7/18/18
18-44743 Bicycle Lac Amora Park 7/18/18