Trash and Rubbish Hauling

Broomfield Municipal Code - Chapter 8-04

Trash and rubbish hauling includes the collection of trash, rubbish and garbage as defined in the Municipal Code.

Trash and Rubbish Haulers License expire July 31 each year. The annual fee is $150.00 and $1.00 per truck sticker.

Once the completed application is submitted to the City Clerk's Office with the applicable fee and current original bond, the application will be processed. This process requires City Council approval. Once approved, the application will be processed and the license and sticker(s) for each truck will be issued and sent in the mail within approximately one week.

New applicants must use the application provided by the City Clerk's Office. See the Application and Municipal Code for detailed instructions and process information.

Trash and Rubbish Hauling Application