Thank You, Volunteers!

Thank You to Senior Center Volunteers!

Volunteers are the heart of the Senior Center. It is through their dedication and hard work that helps Broomfield Senior Center be as fantastic as it is!

THANK YOU Woodshop!


A multitude of thanks to our Volunteers of the Quarter,

The Broomfield Woodshop.

The woodshop is staffed by a very experienced group of volunteer supervisors who provide advice and service. The woodshop began about 30 years ago in a room at the Broomfield Community Center. Five individuals began it as a hobby and a labor of love. The group used its own tools and gathered wood from local hardwood mills. Within a few years, the City of Broomfield took over ownership/management. Since that time, the woodshop has provided services to the citizens of Broomfield, many civic and religious organizations, and government offices and buildings. The woodshop is keenly managed and safely operated by the following Supervisors: Tom Bloomfield,

Tom Fahrenbruch, Mike Hankerd, Bob Juszynski, Joe Marr, John Padilla and Tom Szydlowski. They, along with others, have built some of the most amazing items that are both beautiful and functional.

The woodshop volunteers have made a tremendous impact on our citizens and community and we appreciate their commitment and time!