Description of Services

Code Compliance Services

Code Compliance Services
Since 2005, Code Compliance services have been provided by the Community Development Department while animal control functions and noise enforcement remain with the Police Department. If anyone has a question or complaint, they are welcome to use the code complaint line at 303.464.5551. You are welcome to leave an anonymous complaint. If you would like a call from us, you can leave us your name and phone number with a request for a return phone call. All complaints can be kept confidential at your request.

Less than 20% of our violations come from citizen complaints. Our code compliance officers systematically cover our residential and commercial areas in the City and County of Broomfield and work to educate our businesses and residents about possible violations. Our goal is not to issue a large number of notices of violation, we simply want to encourage compliance and maintain the quality of our neighborhoods.

Types of Violations

During our work we address many different violations - some of the most common are:
  • Home occupations
  • Junk vehicles
  • Rubbish
  • Signs
  • Site development plan violations
  • Weeds
Junk vehicles are not always unsightly. Under our Municipal Code, a junk vehicle may simply be a car with expired license plates and may not look like junk at all. Once we identify a junk vehicle we will always attempt to contact a resident at the home or leave a Notice of Violation. If we are unsure where the vehicle belongs, we may leave a “green tag” on the car or truck. The owner has a chance to obtain current plates prior to a summons being issued.

Home Occupation

A resident may operate a business out of their home in Broomfield as a “home occupation” if they meet certain requirements contained in section 17-32-020 of the municipal code. Except for family child care homes, such a business can only be carried on by those living at the home - no outside employees are allowed. No signs are permitted and the amount of area that can be devoted to the business is restricted.


If you are a business owner in the City and County of Broomfield, your commercial area may be subject to special restrictions contained in the zoning district or site development plan for the area approved by City Council. In addition, business signs are regulated and are limited in number, size and location. Although most sign questions are handled by the Planning Division, the Code Compliance Division is responsible for making sure Broomfield businesses are in compliance with our sign code portion of the municipal code. Messages related to any concerns about signs can also be left on our code complaint line.

As we work throughout the community, we all strive to apply the rules equally and fairly while educating and working with our residents. The Code Compliance Division welcomes all questions and complaints. Together with our residents we are working to keep Broomfield a desirable place to live.