Kevin Kreeger

About Kevin Kreeger

Kevin was elected in 2015. His current term ends November, 2019. Kevin moved to Broomfield in 2003. Kevin is married to Mila Sbrocca, who is an elementary school teacher in Broomfield. Kevin has two children, Veronica and Rebecca. Mila also has two children, Calvin and Maia.


BS in Chemistry from Roosevelt University in Chicago (graduated with honors).


Kevin helps companies implement Quality Assurance systems that reduce error, manage change, manage suppliers and ensure a consistent, high quality product. He specializes in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

Community Participation

  • Girls soccer coach
  • Supervisory Committee member for Community Financial Credit Union (a financial institution with ~$225 million in assets)
  • Mentoring and tutoring disadvantaged youth
  • School volunteer, which includes working in the classroom with kids who struggle to keep up

Spare Time Activities

Kevin enjoys hiking, skiing, camping, playing tennis and racquetball, and participating in his childrens' activities.

Philosophy of Local Government

On the fiscal side, government needs tight financial controls. Budgets should be balanced. When we spend money we should know what return-on-investment we expect to get back. Afterwards, we should know if we got that return, and if not, be asking why.

On the social side, I believe in a small, non-intrusive government.

City Council needs to be forward looking to ensure we are prepared for the issues of tomorrow, so we aren't forced into reactionary positions.

Public servants must be honest and working ONLY in the best interest of the people.

City Council members must be available to the public and LISTENING to the people they represent.