Quit Apps

This Is Quitting
This Is Quitting (iPhone and Android)
  • Get peer support from real Colorado quitters, text messaging help, and activities to help you manage cravings, avoid stress and get you through the day without smoking.
Person holding phone with apps displayed

QuitGuide App QuitGuide (iPhone and Android)
  • Tracks cravings, moods, slips, and smoke-free progress to help you understand your smoking patterns and build the skills needed to successfully become and stay smoke-free.

2MorrowQuit app
2MorrowQuit (iPhone)
  • 8-day program that is completed before your quit day and offers up to 6 months of additional support, messages and tools to support success.

QuitSTART app quitSTART (iPhone and Android)
  • Gives tailored tips, inspiration and challenges to help teens become smoke-free and live healthier lives.

QuitNow! App
QuitNow! (iPhone and Android)
  • Tracks your progress on being smoke-free and allows you to connect with others for support and sharing.

Quit Smoking App
Quit Smoking – Cessation Nation (Android)
  • Allows you to see how long it’s been since you stopped smoking, money saved and health improvements. Bonus - you can play a fun game to help forget about your cravings.

Tobacco Quit and Save App Tobacco Quit and Save (iPhone and Android)
  • Tracks each day a you goes without a cigarette, money being saved, and days added to your life.

VA - Stay Quit Coach Stay Quit Coach (iPhone)
  • Gives specialized help to U.S. Veterans who want to quit smoking. App is designed to be used with a health care provider to prevent relapse.