Handouts: Caring for Your Family Treasures Series

What is a Treasure?

  1. What is a Treasure word doc

How to from Storage to Donation

  1. A Basic How-to from Storage to Donation

Provenance: Telling an Object’s Story

  1. Provenance presentation PowerPoint

10 Agents of Deterioration

  1. 10 Agents of Deterioration presentation Powerpoint
  2. 10 Agents Worksheet

When to Call an Expert

  1. When to Call an Expert Resources

Preserving Paper and Photographs

  1. Preserving Papers and Photographs presentation PowerPoint
  2. Preserving Papers Resources

Preserving Textiles and Quilts

  1. Preserving Textiles and Quilts presentation PowerPoint
  2. Textile Resources

Than the 7 CCI notes

    1. Dry Cleaning
    2. Vacuum Cleaning
    3. Rolled Storage
    4. Flat Storage
    5. Framing
    6. Velcro Hanging
    7. Padded Hanging