Body Worn Camera Program

Broomfield Police Department has a body-worn camera (BWC) program! 
After an extensive review process, Broomfield selected Taser's Axon 2 for its equipment, which officers began to use in 2018.  Broomfield promotes professional partnerships in respectful, innovative ways, and the BWC will be a continuation of our ongoing efforts to build trust and transparency with the community.  

Officers are trained in the use of the body cameras, including when to record (criminal investigations, traffic contacts, custodial matters, and citizen complaints or concerns) and when not to record (First Amendment protected speech, association, religion or medical privacy matters). 

Today the public will encounter officers wearing and using body cameras in the course of their daily duties.  The cameras are worn on the front of the officers' uniforms in direct view of the public. 

If you have any comments or concerns, please email the Department's Standards Sergeant.   

Body Worn Camera FAQs