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Broomfield’s Public Health Improvement Plan focuses on preventing obesity by supporting opportunities for healthy eating and active living. Partners and stakeholders identified obesity as one of the most important health concerns affecting our community. The plan, based on local data and community input, outlines goals and strategies to improve and support healthy living in Broomfield.

Public Health Improvement Plan   |    2017-2018 Action Plan Public Health Improvement Plan - Cover

Plan Goals

  1. Increasing community outreach and public awareness related to obesity prevention 
  2. Improving nutrition and physical activity among Broomfield residents 
  3. Enhancing the City and County of Broomfield's Employee Wellness Program 
  4. Enhancing Health and Human Services clients’ knowledge and awareness of wellness

BHealthy Broomfield Coalition

The coalition is a multi-disciplinary team of agency representatives, residents, schools, worksites, child care, faith based organizations and health care professionals. Members work together to connect health improvement efforts, leverage resources, and identify gaps to be addressed. 

Join Us!

The public health improvement plan is a community effort. If you would like to join the B Healthy Broomfield Coalition, send us an email at publichealth@broomfield.org or call 720.887.2220 to join the movement. 

2018 Community Health Assessment 

Public Health Profiles provide a snapshot overview of health information on 12 health issues. The profiles contain a rich source of data and knowledge and are designed to improve health and well-being in Broomfield. 

(View health profiles)