Project Homecoming

What is Project Homecoming?

Project Homecoming is offered to Broomfield residents 60 years or older who have been released from any hospital and will be recuperating at their home in Broomfield. Individuals can receive five delivered meals from Broomfield Meals on Wheels at no cost. Cooking is the last thing a recently hospitalized individual needs to worry about during the recovery period at home, and good nutrition is a must for healing after a surgery or illness. Project Homecoming is generously funded by Senior Resources of Broomfield, Inc.


Broomfield residents 60 years or older who have recently been released from any hospital and who are recovering at a Broomfield residence are eligible for this program. Project Homecoming is designed to help individuals with a short-term need for meals due to illness, accident, surgery, etc. 

Service Policy

A short phone intake (for dietary needs, emergency contact, etc.) will need to be completed prior to beginning meal delivery service. Doctors, nurses, friends, family, or the individual being released can call. Phone intakes may be made by calling 303.464.5532. Service can begin the very next business day.

Meal Delivery

Fresh, hot, nutritious meals are delivered to the home by volunteers Monday through Friday between 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Daily hot meals include an entree, vegetable, carbohydrate, roll, milk, salad, and dessert. Weekend and holiday  meals are delivered frozen in a microwaveable container for convenience, and only include the entree, vegetable, and carbohydrate. Frozen meals will be delivered during the week prior to the desired weekend/holiday. 

For special diets, we offer low sodium and diabetic meals at this time; however, please call to see if we can accommodate other special dietary requests.

Individuals receiving Meals on Wheels are requested to notify Senior Services staff 24 hours in advance of any changes or cancellation regarding meal delivery. 
If an individual does not answer when delivery is attempted, a Senior Services staff member will be notified. If staff does not receive a response from the individual or the individual's emergency contact, a follow-up may be conducted by the Broomfield Police Department to make sure the individual is safe.

Fee Schedule

Project Homecoming clients will receive five delivered meals at absolutely no cost to them, thanks to Senior Resources of Broomfield, Inc. who kindly support this vital program. 
Please know individuals are not required or expected to continue service after receiving the five free meals through Project Homecoming. If an individual wishes to continue.extend service through Broomfield Meals on Wheels, the fees are as follows: Daily hot meals $4, frozen weekend/holiday meals $2.
Assistance is available for those who qualify thanks to the Senior Resources of Broomfield, Inc. Support Fund. Once a fee schedule has been established, the individual or paying party will receive a monthly bill. Monthly bills are sent out the first week of the following month. Example: bill for all meals received in July will come during the first week of August. 


Senior Services of the City and County of Broomfield would like to acknowledge and thank Senior Resources of Broomfield inc., and our hardworking, dedicated volunteers for their continued support of the Broomfield Meals on Wheels program. 

Contact Us

If you are interested in more information or would like to see if we could use your help by volunteering for Meals on Wheels, please call 303.464.5532.