Peace Officers Money Purchase Plan (Closed)

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THIS PLAN IS NOW CLOSED.  Updated information will be provided soon!

The purpose of this plan and trust is to provide funds for retirement of the employees covered by this plan, and to provide funds for their beneficiaries in the event of death.

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Money Purchase Plan for Peace Officers - Municipal Code
Private Letter Ruling - Disability Offset

Ordinance No. 1967 - amends the Money Purchase Plan for Peace Officers to add an optional provision from the Pension Protection Act. The optional provision allows disabled or retired peace officers the ability to have up to $3,000 distributed tax-free annually from the money purchase plan in order to pay for insurance premiums for an accident or health plan or a qualified long-term care insurance contract. Wells Fargo will administer the distribution process in compliance with the Pension Protection Act.

Investment Policy

Social Security Administration - Windfall Protection Act
Government Pension Offset
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Investment Advice

Kristi Sullivan, Certified Financial Planner with Strategies CM is available to employees enrolled in this plan for investment advice. Kristi is typically on-site once a month for thirty-minute appointments or can be contacted on a individual basis, please see her information below:
(303)926-9600 x 106

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Website Access:

The plan is currently administered by Empower Retirement. The Peace Officer Money Purchase Plan number is 95265-02. Click here for instructions on how to access your Empower account online to:
- View your account balance
- Update or change your beneficiary information
- Change your investment elections
- Change your deferral percentage

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